Jonathan Midgley - When the big goose’s fat stops splashing

You’ll meet many Brits in Hong Kong, but Jonathan Midgley is one of a kind.  In big demand as a criminal defense attorney, he came on the scene fresh out of English law school and made a quick name for himself by winning a notorious case that got his picture on the front page of the Star, then Hong Kong’s tabloid. His work took him to the “down and dirty” reaches of Hong Kong where he learned the City’s secrets and launched a practice that made him today’s go-to attorney for famous and well-heeled Hong Kongers in a jam.  

A marvelous story teller and astute observer of human behavior, Jonathan shares his views on the relationship between Hong Kong and China, the level of bemusement with which the Chinese view the United States and its current leadership, how the world’s powers need to collaborate to get things right on global issues like climate change, and why some Hong Kong taxi drivers still years for the days of Colonial Hong Kong.

Jonathan Midgley Biography

Jonathan Midgley is a criminal defense lawyer and Senior Partner at Haldanes. Mr. Midgley has been consistently rated for several decades by independent legal journals as one of Hong Kong’s premier criminal defense lawyers. He is highly experienced with both white collar commercial crime cases and a very wide variety of other criminal charges. He is noted in Hong Kong for being the “go to” lawyer when white collar professionals find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a deep understanding of the Hong Kong system.

As a result of Mr. Midgley’s standing in the field of criminal defense in 2013, when Hong Kong introduced the concept of Solicitor Advocate for the first time, Mr. Midgley was immediately appointed to the criminal division. This permits him to appear in all criminal courts in Hong Kong with full rights as an advocate. He also has excellent and well established working relationships with leading barristers in Hong Kong and England, and a network of connections worldwide.

Jonathan is regularly listed in the Legal 500, Who's Who, Chambers and Partners, Criminal Law Experts Directory and other legal dictionaries as a solicitor with extensive advocacy skills and a wealth of experience.

While Jonathan has been based in Hong Kong since 1978, his practice is international. Who's Who Legal – "one of the leaders in extradition law for which he boasts a global reputation.