Jasmin Stadler - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

In this podcast, Jasmin Stadler gives us an inside view of China from her perspective as a member of the ’17 inaugural class of Schwarzman Scholars at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. This is a stellar up-close-and-personal report of “what’s hot and what’s not” among Chinese of college age and just beyond.  A Swiss citizen, Jasmin’s been going to China since she was 16, and speaks Mandarin fluently.  She explains how not only having read and being able to discuss Romance of the Three Kingdoms— the historical novel beloved by all Chinese, and the basis for hugely popular video games—gives her the ability to connect on the most personal level with Chinese friends.  

We talk of just how connected our world could be if everyone learned at least one foreign language and could speak it with people for whom it is their native tongue.  We also talk of why China is the perfect place for entrepreneurs right now, how young Chinese with experience in the West feel empowered in straddling two worlds, why Chinese are optimistic about their future, and what challenges could get in the way of that future being realized.  

Jasmin Stadler Biography

Jasmin Stadler, 24, is a Swiss member of the inaugural class of Schwarzman Scholars at Tsinghua University. As a 21st century answer to the Rhodes Scholarship, Schwarzman Scholars was designed to equip a new generation of decisionmakers with the leadership skills necessary to effectively navigate the geopolitical landscape of the new millennium.

Prior to the Schwarzman Scholars program Jasmin studied a combination of politics, economics and data science at the University College London (UCL) and Sciences Po in Paris. After the program, she will be undertaking a master degree in comparative government at the University of Oxford. Since a high school exchange in China’s Jiangsu Province at the age of 16, she has been returning to China on an almost yearly basis. She speaks and writes fluent Mandarin and is the co-founder and co-president of the Ricci Fellows, a global association of over forty young professionals dedicated to people-to-people relations between China and the rest of the world.