Norma Rosenhain - Making toys in China was just the start

Norma Rosenhain came to China decades ago when her friends in Australia said “China? Where’s that?” and built an empire –called Creata--manufacturing toys—ultimately billions of them— for export to the rest of the world, a good many of them to accompany McDonalds Happy Meals. She’s the one who set the standards for many of the manufacturing processes there.  Things have come full circle, so that she’ll soon be manufacturing goods in the U.S. for export in the other direction, to China and the big consumer market it has become.  And she is now licensing IP for films and music, essentially vertically integrating the business.   

In this podcast you’ll hear Norma’s facts and figures on everything about manufacturing in China from the costs of land on which to build plants, to factory construction costs, to loan interest rates, labor costs, to “logistics” of electricity and customs and duty charges and licenses and more.  She’ll tell you about China’s serious shift to “Green Manufacturing” and robotics as they move up the manufacturing gravy train to dominance.  Then she’ll fill you in on how she has vertically integrated her business beyond manufacturing so she’s licensing IP for music (even hard to get Beatles rights) and films as well.  She learned from the Chinese the importance of having a long term view and is now reaping the rewards, big time.

Norma Rosenhain Biography

Norma is the founder, owner and CEO of Creata.  

Creata delivers effective consumer insights, gifts with purchase premiums, sales promotion sweepstakes, packaging, digital solutions and retail products for some of the world's largest companies. 

Norma was awarded the inaugural Australia – US Midwest Individual Award for Outstanding Achievement, for her success in launching the highly successful global marketing company, Creata. 

Norma is also the owner of Centa IP, a global licensing company, Ultimate Source, a global toy company, and Build A Bear Australia & Singapore , a retail toy store chain.    

On Australia Day 2015 Norma was given the Officer of the Order of Australia Award “For distinguished service to commerce, through business model innovation, to philanthropy, particularly supporting disadvantaged families in Asia, and to Australia –China relations.”