Chin Lim - A foot in two boats

Chin Lim is a global citizen who lives primarily in Hong Kong, and spends much time in Australia, Europe, and the U.S. as well.  She has an extensive business background so when she became Managing Director of Asian Property Investments Limited in Hong Kong, she knew the ropes around financial transactions and now has a following as a real estate investment guru.  Her global life experiences makes her an astute observer of cultural differences between Asia and the West. 

In this podcast, Chin talks of the cultural challenges to improving understanding between Asia and the West and shares personal anecdotes that make her perspective especially memorable.  She gives her view of why Mainland Chinese are such avid investors in real estate outside of Mainland China, and her hope that we can learn from the about improving our planet for the future. 

Chin Lim Biography

Chin holds an Australian CPA qualification and a degree in Business from Curtin University (WA).

Chin has extensive property investment and financial experience.  She is formerly CFO of a NASDAQ-listed multinational, Frank Russell Australia, and the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia.

She previously held the position of business development manager for the Financial Services Division of ING (HK).