Derek Elmer - Prediction: US, Russia, Eastern Europe, China armed conflict in 3-5 years

Derek Elmer is Founder and CEO of I-On-Asia, a firm that specializes in intelligence gathering and analysis, anti-counterfeiting and what he calls sensitive operations, notably in China.  He shares in this podcast some of what he knows about who is doing what to whom (at least in Asia) and for how much.   He’s got provocative but credible backup for his predictions, among them that the US, Russia, Eastern Europe and China will be involved in armed conflict within the next 3-5 years.  

We talk about that and corruption, anti-corruption, counterfeiting of everything from Nike shoes to cars, how the Chinese manage to send their kids to school in the West for free (it’s all about shrewd real estate purchases) and much more in this can’t-miss episode of Asia and the West.

Derek Elmer Biography

Raised in London and fluent in Cantonese, Derek is known for his can-do attitude and proven commitment to world-class service.

As founding partner and chief executive officer of I-OnAsia, Derek is personally involved in day-to-day case management and fieldwork, and has led countless successful initiatives.
Derek is a former chair of the Hong Kong Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), and has more than two decades of experience as a leader in intelligence gathering and analysis, anti-counterfeiting and sensitive operations, with a specialty in the Asia Pacific region.

Derek has:

  • Participated in a three-year investigation of more than 500 public and private telecommunications enterprises that exposed the theft of foreign technologies banned for export, sparked large-scale raids that put a massive counterfeiting industry out of business, and reduced vendor fraud.
  • Vetted top-level executives and the largest providers of goods and services to the casino industry.
  • Proven the innocence of wrongly accused clients, and caused guilty parties to admit to multi-million dollar frauds, money laundering, conspiracy and other white-collar crimes.