Mini vandePol - India and China: Both Rising

Mini vandePol, Global Chair of the Compliance and Investigations Group of Baker & McKenzie, and a partner with over 24 years’ experience, is recognized as one of the world’s leading anti-bribery and corruption lawyers.  She was born in India, raised in Australia, and worked professionally in Australia, and now Hong Kong. She is the editor of the popular Global Attorney-Client Privilege Handbook and has published a wide range of articles focused on anti-bribery and corruption compliance in Australia, India and elsewhere in Asia. In this wide-ranging podcast conversation, Mini gives us her views of developments in China, India and elsewhere in Asia—including just why corruption is such an important issue, why the promotion of women could be the “game changer” Asia can exploit profitably, and much more.

Mini vandePol Biography

Mini vandePol was appointed as the Chair of Baker & McKenzie's Global Compliance & Investigations Group in 2014, after successfully completing 5 years as the Asia Pacific Regional Chair of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group. In her current role, she leads a global team of 900+ compliance and investigations practitioners in Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America.  This team was in 2016 ranked in the top 5 global investigations firms by GIR.

Mini's work engagements focus on anti-bribery and corruption investigations and risk management and mitigation in Asia Pacific, primarily in China and India in a variety of industries.  

With more than 26 years’ experience, she is the trusted advisor to the Boards and Audit Committees of the Firm’s most significant global clients -assisting them to establish and enhance their risk management programs and credibly investigate transgressions to support a strong commitment to a culture of compliance.  She is engaged to perform risk assessments and conduct compliance training; undertake third party and target due diligence; provide advice on the structure of transactions and business models; assist with sanctions and trade related compliance issues and conduct internal investigations including reporting to the US Department of Justice in respect of FCPA violations, the UK Serious Fraud Office in respect of the UK Bribery Act and various local regulators.