Bin Wolfe - Number 2 is Not Bad!

In this podcast we talk with Bin Wolfe, who knows a lot about what it takes to attract top talent to work for you in Mainland China.  She is Managing Partner of EY (Ernst & Young), responsible for People in the Asia Pacific region and speaks from a dual perspective:  She grew up in China, then left at 17 to attend college in the United States where she stayed, married and had children before returning to China two decades after she left.  She knows first-hand the changes that occurred during her absence and their importance to China’s new place in the world.  

Bin talks of the new confidence and sense of patriotism the Chinese exhibit.  Mandarin has replaced hundreds of dialects spoken earlier, reflecting the remarkable shift to a unified language across the entire country.  She talks of the focus on education that is producing smart, ambitious, innovative millennials, just the kind of people EY wants to hire.  You’ll hear about these topics and more, including Alibaba, and the importance of distinguishing nationalism from patriotism. 

Bin Wolfe Biography

Bin Wolfe is the Managing Partner of Talent for EY in Asia-Pacific (APAC). Working closely with the Area Managing Partner and the APAC Operating Executive, she oversees all EY’s human resources-related functions and processes to support EY’s Asia-Pacific Area which comprises of more than 40,500 people, including 1,800 partners, working across 7 Regions and 22 countries. Bin is a member of EY’s Asia-Pacific Area Operating Executive and the Global Talent Executive Committee.

Bin is responsible for the development of a high performance teaming culture which aims to provide an inclusive and engaging work environment and tremendous opportunities for personal and professional development. A  high performance teaming culture can also serve to differentiate EY and help attract top talent into the organization.  

Since joining EY in the United States in 1990, Bin has developed her career as an HR professional with a number of Talent leadership roles, including serving as the Americas Pacific Southwest Sub-Area People Leader.  After returning to her native Shanghai in 2008, Bin served as a senior member of EY’s Far East Area People leadership team as well as the People Leader for the Greater China Region before taking on her current role in 2013.