Hsiao Liu - No More Tears

Hsiao Liu is a Chinese American, born in America, who thought she could easily adapt to life in Shanghai and the cultural challenges she faced when she moved there as a pharma executive.  She wasn’t prepared for the rapidity of change, but soon learned to cope with “the System”, and found that what used to be a matter of helping Westerners bring their products and services to Asia quickly switched to helping Asians bring their wares and expertise to the West. 

Back in the US now, Hsiao says much has changed in the last decade. Asian millennials who come to school in the West these days are excited about returning to China and exploiting their newly learned entrepreneurial skills there. In fact, they’ve changed the ways Chinese companies and their employees deal with job success and promotion, and are driving much of China’s “home grown” innovation.

She talks of these topics and what’s happening in the development of medicines and how China fits into the pharma scenario on the global stage, as well as the challenges that threaten China’s continued growth.

Hsiao Liu Biography

Ms. Hsiao Liu, is an experienced senior marketing executive with a proven ability to leverage and optimize market/customer insights to develop and execute biopharmaceutical product launch strategies. Hsiao has over fifteen years of developing and implementing government, public affairs & policy, PR/communications and marketing strategies that support business growth and market access to achieve commercial success for business operations throughout emerging markets Asia, from early development through launch and LOE. 

Hsiao returned to New York City three years ago and back to her Ogilvy family to serve as the Senior Vice President, Global Business Lead for Ogilvy Healthworld, leading the PR, medical education, commercial development, and consumer advertising multidisciplinary team to spearhead launch strategies for Pfizer. Most recently, she was promoted to serve as the Executive Vice President for Ogilvy PR where she will continue to work on the global biopharmaceutical business. 

Most recently, Hsiao served as the Emerging Market Asia Regional Therapeutic Area Lead at Pfizer, based in Hong Kong, providing regional public affairs and access direction for ten key markets in Asia and driving market access and reimbursement for commercial brands. Her accomplishments span a broad range of areas, including: brand building, lifecycle management, commercial strategy, consumer marketing, key stakeholder and government relationship management, advocacy engagement, and crisis management, all positively influencing and shaping the business, enhancing corporate reputation, achieving operational / commercial objectives and ultimately achieving business growth. Prior to her tenure at Pfizer, Hsiao was instrumental in the formation of the healthcare business for Ogilvy PR Worldwide based in Shanghai, China, and built a portfolio of multinational pharmaceutical clients including Pfizer, Wyeth, Roche, and Johnson and Johnson.  

Hsiao received her Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland College Park, a Master of Public Health from Columbia University, and a MA and BA from The George Washington University.  She serves on the Alumni Board of Directors at The George Washington University. Hsiao is an avid traveler, covering over 70 countries, and she hopes to target Africa over the next few years.