Matthew Smith - The Internet of Things is…Everything

Matthew Smith, a senior executive who heads Cisco’s market development globally for the Internet of Things, remembers a childhood in Hong Kong which had a cricket pitch on what is now the most valuable piece of real estate in Central Hong Kong. Born in the UK and schooled there, Matthew has lived in Asia pretty much ever since so he’s observed first hand—and participated in-- its process of phenomenal change.  He’s been in the thick of the consolidation of Asia’s emerging economies into a technology-drvien powerhouse that is outpacing the West.

In this episode of Asia and the West, you’ll hear his perspective on developments since those early days in Hong Kong. He talks of our increased ability to connect with one another, facilitating global addressing systems that will fundamentally change the way real estate is bought and sold, as well as accelerating innovation at the local community level, resulting in mass customization of products and services.  

We also talk about data security and privacy, China’s serious investment in Fin-Tech, block chain, how employers use algorithms to make hiring decisions based on character analysis rather than resumes…and how pollution and population scale will challenge China’s continued growth.  Join us.

Matthew Smith Biography

Matthew is based in Hong Kong and leads a global team, driving the creation of disruptive market opportunities arising from the emerging digital economy. Matthew’s charter is to work with large Multi-National and Government customers to develop strategies for outcome based solutions.

Matthew joined Cisco in 2000. He has taken varied roles throughout his Cisco career, including General Manager for Cisco’s Saudi Arabian business and was also based in Bangalore as the Strategy and Operations lead for Cisco’s Globalisation team.

Prior to joining Cisco, Matthew had a varied career starting as an aircrew officer in the Royal Navy, he also served as an Inspector in the Royal Hong Kong Police and worked for a Big Four Accounting firm.