Lyndon Chao - Your Business Needs a Friend in China

Lyndon Chao is an American whose college classmate helped him navigate the academic waters in Electrical Engineering at Northwestern University.  Years later, that friend asked Lyndon for advice in getting his 3D tech startup off the ground in the Chinese marketplace. Lyndon didn’t hesitate to lend his firsthand knowledge of China— gleaned from his over twenty years of experience with Morgan Stanley in Asia— to the adventure.  In this podcast, Lyndon describes that startup experience and also shares his astute observations about China and how it is evolving into the economic powerhouse it is now, along with the very real challenges it faces in harnessing its opportunities. 

Lyndon Chao Biography

Lyndon Chao built a 26 year career with Morgan Stanley (NY/HK/BJ/TP/SH) as Managing Director, serving as Taipei COO and China Co-COO, before joining UBS to build a Shanghai Business Solutions Center as MD/GM.  Greater China career highlighted by ground-breaking achievements in financial technology innovation, strategic operations and risk management, award winning regulatory advocacy for market reforms and impactfully bridging the language / cultural gaps between Chinese and western partners in strategic alliance building. 

Lyndon grew up in Chicago and graduated from Northwestern University in 1987 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering as well as an EMBA from Kellogg-HKUST in 1999.

He currently serves as the Board Secretary and Trustee for the Shanghai American School, as well as Vice Chair and Board Member of Opportunity International China, a micro finance company with several branches in China focused on poverty alleviation.  He is also an active investor and advisor to high tech startups.

He and his wife Lillian have two kids, Leo and Ruby.