Amish Shah - Romancing the Stone

Amish Shah is a perfect example of a successful entrepreneur who has ridden the Chinese wave of consumerism.  He stepped into China ten years ago, seeing it primarily as a manufacturing source for his company’s jewelry products sold elsewhere in the world.  A decade later, China itself has become a major market for his jewelry, including its lab grown diamonds, spurring his business growth at amazing speed in response to demand from China’s new middle class consumer.  

Amish shares his deep knowledge of how countries across Asia are responding to fundamental changes in the global economy and consumer demand.  And he’ll explain how a business can grow so dramatically —especially in China—as a result.

Amish Shah Biography

Amish Shah is currently president of R. A. Riam Group, Inc a Diamond & Fine Jewelry Company serving distributors and retail stores in 4 continents. Amish is one of the youngest in a dynasty of 4th Generation Diamond and Jewelry Manufacturers. 

Amish majored accounting and computer science with Honors from the Lala Lajpatrai College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai and entered the family business in 1992. Following Indian tradition, he started at an early age to manage the operations, learning the Fine Jewelry and Diamond business. Appreciating the need to synchronize operations with the various business cultures around the world Amish has been a frequent flier to and from Asia since 1996. 

In 2001 Amish left the family business and joined a 4th Generation U.S. Company (R & R Grosbard Inc) in New York. Amish transformed R & R Grosbard which was a traditional diamond distributor and domestic jewelry manufacturer into an international manufacturer producing products in various countries based on specialization and sourcing strengths. Sales saw a steep growth in USA year by year.  The company began to distribute in Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, India, Israel, and European Union with help of local companies in those locations. 

After 10 years, Amish took over the operations of the R & R Grosbard Inc from the previous owners and together with his family incorporated R. A. Riam Group Inc in New York. The new global company has affiliations in various countries with other family owned units for distribution as well as sourcing. The company prides itself in producing more than 2/3rd’s of its domestically sold product in the USA giving many foreign based companies stiff competition in that sector. R. A. Riam Group’s specialty is producing fine jewelry products that have components and labor from multiple sources around the world.