Simon Kahn - A Google Executive's First-hand Perspective

Simon Kahn

Simon Kahn, Head of Marketing for Google in Asia Pacific, has experienced first-hand the dramatic changes in the playbook for doing business there.  In the past, Westerners did the talking, and Asians were listening; now it is a two-way conversation, with many of the most innovative ideas originating in Asia and then coming to the West.  This transformative situation reflects the massive shift in economic status in places like Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Singapore and of course, China.  Simon sees major opportunities for Western companies who want to be players in this move from “mobile first” to “mobile only,” involving millions of individuals who have never used a laptop and operate exclusively—for both work and social life—on mobile phones.  He’ll explain the “micro moments” opportunities every company needs to make central to its marketing strategy in Asia.

Simon Kahn Biography

Simon Kahn is responsible for marketing strategy, development, and execution for Google’s consumer-facing and B2B products and solutions in Asia Pacific.

Previously, he worked at American Express for thirteen years including serving as Country Manager for Singapore from 2008 to 2011. Prior to joining American Express, Simon was Executive Director of Youth Venture, a non-profit organization that works with young people to develop and run their own businesses and organizations.  Simon worked in national politics and government for four years before joining Youth Venture including working in the White House Liaison office in the Department of State.

He holds a BA in Asian Studies from Swarthmore College and a Masters in Chinese Studies and MBA from the University of Michigan.  Simon is married with three young sons.