I’m delighted you’ve shown interest in the Conversation360 Podcast.

Here’s how it came about:

I’m an avid TEDster — twice a TEDx Speaker — and am a TED Resident. 

The TED Residency is where the Conversation360 Podcast was born and where I received terrific advice and help from my fellow TEDster Laurie Coots and fellow TED Resident Brian McCullough and Yutaka Kumagai, TED intern.

Outside my TED life, I lead Wf360, a global consultancy I founded in 2000 to help clients apply Brandversation™, a methodology that employs conversation not as a "soft skill," but as a strategic tool that transforms business organizations into more profitable companies.

 I work at the intersection of innovation, technology and language, leveraging years of experience as a marketer, lawyer and mediator with a passion for the power of the spoken word.  For Wf360’s diverse client base--Starbucks, Cathay Pacific Airways, NYSE Euronext, and the government of Scotland—we provide thought leadership, a strategic independent perspective and an integrative approach to getting groups of individuals engaged in the kind of interactions that connect them meaningfully with our client's values, goals and brands.

I’ve been fortunate to speak to audiences all over the world, and have facilitated over a thousand large-scale gatherings, round tables and workshops.  And for years I produced MainEvent leadership forums distributed via satellite to global audiences.

Face to face conversation has become the new luxury and I’m determined to ensure that in this age of technology we don't forget its value.  And that’s what led to Conversation360 Podcast -- to further the interest in what can happen when we connect meaningfully with one another through the spoken word.